Faculty Benefits


The following information addresses the most frequently asked questions about faculty benefits.

Benefits Summary
Faculty Orientation

Full-Time and *Part-Time Regular Non-UMMG Faculty: https://www6.miami.edu/benefits/2012/Summaries/Faculty.pdf

Full-Time and *Part-Time Regular UMMG Faculty: https://www6.miami.edu/benefits/2012/Summaries/UMMGPhysicians.pdf

*Part-Time Regular (PR): Faculty hired for a position working > 50% are eligibel for benefits and some are on a prorated basis.
Faculty Savings Plan (effective June 1, 2007)

Faculty at assistant professor rank or above are eligible immediately for the Faculty Savings Plan. There is an immediate University contribution of 5% of pay to a cash account.

UMMG Membership Benefits (for UMMG faculty only)

after five years 75% away tuition after ten years 100% away tuition for their child dependents at any university in the country
free basic HMO health insurance
private disability policies which are portable if they leave the University, and convertible to a long term care policy when they retire from the University (guaranteed issue if they stay).
$500,000 basic life insurance (as opposed to twice the annual salary for regular faculty which the maximum is $200,000) and $150,000 basic accidental death insurance (as opposed $100,000 for regular faculty)

Pre-existing Medical Conditions

There are none with our current health plan. This is a relief for potential faculty and staff seeking employment here.

For additional benefits information, go to
or contact Jennifer Cohen, Executive Director of Health Plans
jcohen1@miami.edu, phone: 305-243-7172