Department Resources : Secondary Appointments

Secondary Appointments

Below you will find the form and requirements needed to process a Regular Faculty Secondary Appointment.

Originals must be forwarded to Faculty Affairs for processing, Attn: Mitzi Wilkinson, Director of Faculty Affairs


1. The Secondary/Primary Department must complete this form. Secondary Appointment Request Form

2. Departments are responsible for obtaining the approval of the respective Deans and Chairs.

3. Attach a copy of the candidate’s updated curriculum vitae (UM format).

4. Attach the DF15 from the Secondary Department’s vote for the candidate.

5. After appropriate signatures have been acquired, send the completed file to the Office of Faculty Affairs for the Interim Senior Associate Dean’s approval. Faculty Affairs is located at RMSB Suite
1124, Locator Code D2-6.

6. If this appointment is to be terminated, please forward appropriate notification to the Dean of the
primary School/College, and to the Office of Faculty Affairs.