Observership Program

Observership Program

Observership Forms

Please keep in mind, that we do not have a matching program. Observership opportunities are within departments. If you wish to Observe, you must have a sponsor willing to have you participate. Applications without a Sponsor will not be accepted.It is the observers responsibility to find a sponsor.

(Foreign nationals are not eligible for volunteer service, but may be eligible for this 3-month Observership Program. Please Contact the department for available options) Please note, for processing an international observer please contact Olivia Cata, 305-243-6826 or

Processing US or Permanent Residents Observerships

All observers must be at least 15 years of age. If under 18, the parental consent form must be completed.

All Invitation Letters for US Citizens/Perm Residients must be approved and signed by the Interim Sr. Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, Dr. Daniel Armstrong.
If you have any questions regarding domestic observing, please contact Andrea Lopez at 305-243-6551 or

Observership Form

Packets must be complete in order to be processed, incomplete packets will not be accepted. Photos of the documentation taken by phone and emailed, will not be accepted. They must be a proper copy or scan, black and white is acceptable.

Please see template below:
Observership Letter Template Revised 2015
Courtesy Form
Parental Consent form
Observer Release Agmt

Volunteer Programs Forms

The Volunteer program is no longer in the Office of Faculty Affiars. It has been moved to UMH Human Resources Volunteer Services Office. This office can be reached at 305-689-5529 or you can forward all volunteer inquiries to the Medical Volunteer Mailbox at:

Please Note: Foreign nationals holding non-immigrant visas that do not authorize employment in the United States may not become a University volunteer. Our University of Miami Volunteering Programs are for US Citizens and Permanent Residents Only.