Department Resources : Associated Faculty Appointments

Associated Faculty Appointments

Below you will find the Checklists of forms needed for Appointing and/or Reappointing Associated Faculty

If the appointment will have compensation, please use the Faculty Intermittent Checklists below:

Initial (Paid Voluntary) Faculty Intermittent Appointment Checklist REV 10.16

Faculty Intermittent (Paid Voluntary) Reappointment checklist REV 10.16

Voluntary Faculty Appointment, Reappointment, Promotion Form

If the appointment will not have any compensation, please use the checklists below for Affiliated Appointments.

Initial Associated ( Affiliate and Non Paid Voluntary) Faculty Checklist Revised 10.16

Associated Faculty (Affiliate and Non paid Voluntary) Reappointment Checklist Revised 10.16

Associated Faculty Appointment, Reappointment, and Promotion Form

Below you will find the Faculty manuals pertaining to Voluntary and Affiliate Faculty.

Voluntary Faculty Manual
Affiliated Faculty Manual

If you have any further Questions regarding Voluntary Faculty, please email